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I’m on a mission to help wellness
start-ups and game-changers
make the world a healthier place.

Along the way, I’m also helping SaaS
and small businesses thrive online.

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How I Can Help You

Our health is the most valuable asset we have.

And sometimes, it takes a life-changing event to appreciate it.

For me, that was Lyme Disease. A two-plus year ordeal that turned my world upside down and shook out all the other stuff that I thought mattered. A trial that was sh*tty, but also gave me clarity.

I learned then that the most valuable asset I have is my health and wellbeing — mental, emotional, and physical health.

I lived in a way that didn’t prioritize my health, and if I wanted to get better, I had to change.

Health isn’t something confined to the trendy new yoga studio, the treadmill, or the doctor’s office. It’s something that needs to be a part of our everyday lives.

Our work, play, and fun need to incorporate healthy habits if we are to survive preventable diseases and those diseases that hit you and turn your world upside down.

Health and Wellness Digital Marketing for Game-Changing Companies

I want to help startups and game-changers revolutionize health.

The Global Wellness Institute’s research shows that genetics may account for as little as 10 to 15% of our health outcomes. Environmental and external factors have a much more significant role.

We spend a sh*t ton of our lives working.

Forty hours a week, if you’re lucky — and for others, a lot more. Your workplace can make you unhealthy. In turn, small tweaks during work hours can significantly improve our wellbeing. My mission, at Daisy Digital, is to help organizations that transform workplace behavior to help people become healthier, survive disease, and avoid preventable illness.

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Digital Content Marketing for Health and Wellness Revolutionaries

Drawing from over eight years of building and driving strategies at small to midsize companies, I have created campaigns that transform messages into persuasive emotional appeals.

I love pulling the big picture into concrete tactics and facilitating discussions and brainstorms that lead to epiphanies.

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Digital Content Optimization for Wellness Campaigns

Ads that get clicked, landing pages that deliver, emails that get opened — when people pay attention to what your company is saying, change can happen.

Since 2012, when I discovered Internet Marketing, I have blogged, studied, read, guided, and led digital marketing efforts. In the process, I picked up a bevy of skills that help me identify what to optimize on your blog, landing page, or emails to get more actionable content.

I’ve tripled blog growth in three years and optimized content to show up in Google’s Answer Box. Let’s get people to pay attention and notice your message.

Get more email sign-ups, leads or sales from your website. Add conversion-enticing copy, remove distractions and frictions, and get your visitors down your sales funnel.

Optimizing Marketing Automation Platforms

I’m a HubSpot-certified marketer who has helped companies and agencies launch, re-launch, and optimize their marketing campaigns. By merging skills in marketing with a deep understanding of the customer journey, I can build or optimize marketing automation programs from the ground up.

What others say

“If anyone is lucky enough to hire her to do anything, you should lunge at the opportunity.”

Patrick Garmoe, Nebraska Medicine

Daisy approached opportunities strategically and demonstrated a strong ability in both creative problem solving and marketing creativity. One of Daisy’s greatest skills is her ability to view things from the customer’s perspective.”

Erica Danielski, Maurices Erica Danielski