I’m here to help you tell your story.

You need to build awareness, engagement, and a true connection with your audience to grow. One of the best ways to achieve that?

Content marketing.

Correction: Standout content marketing that tells your story in a meaningful and relevant way.

But creating high-quality blog posts, landing pages, and email nurtures that tell your story and connect with your audience consistently takes time and work. Need help?

I got you. I help health and wellness brands tell their stories through blogs, email marketing, and lead capture campaigns.

How I can help you.

Meet your content marketing thinker/planner/do-er.

Hello, I’m Daisy, your one-woman content marketing shop.

I have eight years of experience building digital marketing campaigns that generate awareness, traffic, and leads.

My mission is to work with wellness start-ups and game-changers to make the world a healthier place.

Here’s my story.

What I Offer

Do-It-All-For-Me Content Execution

The problem: Content mills create articles with the personality of a block of tofu, forcing you to do rewrites yourself. Freelance writers send you docs that you need to review, publish, and promote yourself.

The solution: I handle it all.

I create smart, well-researched, and well-written content for you. I then publish it on your blog and promote it through your social media accounts. To top it off, I deliver a monthly email to your subscribers’ inbox, geared to get your message seen and heard.

Here’s what’s included.

Magnetic Lead Capture Campaigns

The web is full of lackluster pop-ups asking you for your email with weak offers. You don’t want that for your brand. I don’t either.

Enticing lead capture content takes research, expertise, planning, and beautiful delivery. I’ve built evergreen lead campaigns that generate sign-ups month after month for several years and counting.

Explore this further.

How I Work With You

My process is simple:

Intro and Free Phone Consult: Talk about what your content needs are and see if we are a fit.

Proposal: Your project timeline, deliverables, and payment set-up.

Research and Dev: I’ll interview you and your team, research your target audience, and present a content plan to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

Publish and Promote: Based on the timeline, I’ll create and publish content for your business.

Reporting: Know what’s going on through email and meeting updates on a bi-weekly and monthly basis.

Book a call.

Case study: I helped re-brand a boring warranty claim into a campaign that brought 3,000 leads and inspired a tattoo. Find out how.

What Makes Daisy Unique?

Right-size Strategy

I build with your business and your audience in mind instead of ticking off items on a checklist. I use my strategic experience and background to mine for crucial insights. I then apply those insights to create digital campaigns or content that looks, feels and sounds like you while communicating with your audience in a way that appeals to and resonates with them.

Dream Execution

You work directly with me, no middlemen involved. I work from home (minimal overhead) and I limit the types of projects I take on. This combination makes me pretty efficient. What I quote is what I’ll deliver and what you’ll pay.

Timely Delivery

I’m a big advocate of GSD. I am accountable to your project from kickoff to completion. You receive ongoing check-ins and reports that tie back to your goals, and I communicate what’s going on with your campaign proactively.

How about an introductory call?

In 15-30 minutes we can talk about your project or business, I’ll share a little bit about me, and we can gauge if we have chemistry.

Book a call on my calendar.