About Me

A snapshot of me:

Over eight years of digital marketing experience ranging from execution roles to leadership roles.

In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience pitching, building and executing customer acquisition campaigns.

Expertise in Inbound Marketing, SEO/SEM, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Key strengths are in digital strategy and content creation.

I’ve managed million-dollar digital marketing budgets and driven double-digit revenue and traffic growth by working with a strategy-first approach. I seek to understand, evaluate and gather information before I recommend any tactics or approach.

What Drives Me

My mission is to help make the world a healthier place. I seek to help workplace wellness startups and game-changers thrive and build movements that foster healthy work environments and active lifestyle communities. I’ve built lead acquisition and nurturing programs, developed and executed content strategies, run paid advertising campaigns, created lead-enticing content, and more.

My goal is to help workplace wellness organizations build a movement that inspires people to be healthier. And if it ends up resonating so well that it too becomes tattoo inspiration — well, that would be freakin’ awesome.

My journey to wellness came with a struggle of my own. At 28, I got Lyme disease. The urgent care doctor told me it would take ten days to clear up; it took two-plus years. As my health deteriorated, I had to learn to incorporate my health into the core of my life.

Before my illness, my workouts and meditation had been episodic. I had other priorities.

After, I had clarity. Health and wellness are the most critical asset. Over everything.

Work with me directly, no game of telephone.

As a one-woman shop, what I bring to the table is efficiency and flexibility without the agency overhead. You work directly with me from start to finish.

Let’s chat about how content marketing can help you:

  • Drive website traffic to existing or new properties.
  • Convert your traffic into leads.
  • Increase your brand awareness with your target audience.