In a nutshell, I help time-strapped founders, in-house marketers, and creative agencies with content audits, content strategy, and content marketing campaigns. I also love helping in-house teams build content production workflows.

Just creating content is not enough.

Content is just one half of the equation. The other half is marketing.

Good content is essential, but it’s just table stakes at this point. All the work you do before you pull open that Google doc, and after you publish your post, is just as important (if not more so).

Things like:

  • Audience persona development
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Content planning (content calendar and workflows)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Guest posting
  • Email marketing
  • Paid distribution

…are what separates content that nobody reads from content that generates traffic and leads. I’ll help you get traffic and leads through your content.

Here’s what I Offer

Content Audit (Let’s Fix S#!t)

Ideal for teams that have been creating blog posts and want an external set of eyes to identify opportunities to optimize their existing content

A content audit is a research and reporting project. I’ll help you answer questions like: How can we improve your content so you can better resonate with your customers? What content should we retire? How can we reformat the content you have to go up in search results? Where are the gaps in your buyer’s journey? How does your brand sound to customers?

What’s included in a content audit:

Through stakeholder interviews, competitor research, and combing through your Search Console and Analytics reports, I’ll identify where the gaps for search visibility, user experience, or content optimization are.

You’ll get a report and task list that you or your team can implement.

Timeline: 1-2 months

Cost: Starting at $ 2,500

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Content marketing strategy (Build a Roadmap)

Ideal for businesses looking for a sustainable long-term plan for growing website traffic and acquiring leads

The content marketing strategy is not just about giving you a set of blog posts and emails to create. I take a comprehensive approach that gives you a roadmap for growing your blog traffic and search visibility, so your efforts pay off.

What’s included in a content strategy

Your content strategy will give you a clear picture of where you stand, and a way forward based on what’s working right now. The plan includes buyer persona and industry analysis, SEO opportunities, and paid opportunities. It will be an actionable task list that you can implement, rather than a 10-page doc that collects dust in your drives.

Think of the frustration you’ll save when you have a clear path forward. Think of the countless hours you’ll save on reading gigantic blog posts that don’t provide answers to your unique situation.

Timeline: 1-2 months

Cost: $3,500-6,000

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Content Marketing Campaign (Do It For Me)

Ideal for founders and business owners who want to grow web traffic, build authority through high-quality backlinks, and generate leads.

A solid content marketing campaign can do amazing things. It can help you attract website visitors, build a relationship with your audience, and convert warm leads into die-hard fans. 

What’s included in a content marketing campaign

I’ll build a strategy and create the pieces to help you grow website traffic, or help you supplement your content creation efforts based on your needs.

I take on a limited number of content marketing campaigns because this takes considerable work and time, ensuring my clients get the most value. What this package entails will be driven by the strategy and the resources you have on hand.

Timeline: 4- month minimum

Cost: Starting at $4,000/mo

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Content Workflow (Scale and Auto-Pilot Your Content Process)

Ideal for in-house digital marketers that want to build a scalable content creation process.

A content workflow will help you build a scalable content production process you can set to auto-pilot. A workflow will help you ship more and better content, build and manage a team of contributors with ease, create a unified goal and vision for your content efforts, and score buy-in at the executive level.

Using this process, I grew a team of creators from 3 to 10. Together we grew traffic to the company blog from 5K to over 100K monthly visitors. All within two years. I used a content workflow process to recruit and empower volunteers and SMEs so we could create the content I knew we were capable of building.

What’s included in a content workflow strategy and implementation:

  • In month 1, I’ll help you build a framework.
  • In month two, we will get you and your team on board.

Then, I will step aside and let you run the show.

Timeline: 2 months 

Cost: $ 3,000

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Daisy Digital Specialties (The Nitty-Gritty)

Yeah, I’m a marketing generalist. I don’t believe in a silver marketing bullet to get you results.

My strategies and campaigns draw from several areas of hands-on experience and digital marketing tactics. When you work with me, you get someone who knows the tactics I’m advising on (and their limitations). Instead of a campaign that looks at your challenge from one realm, I help you build a well rounded digital campaign. Whether I’m trying to grow your blog traffic or increase your lead pool, here is the expertise I use.

Copywriting and optimization

When a prospective customer lands on your website, you have a small window of opportunity to connect. Your website needs to spark that connection, without it, you might never see that person again.

Good content delights your customer by making it easy for them to:

  • Connect with your brand or business
  • Understand why you’re the best solution
  • Find you at the right time and the right place
  • Feel confident buying from you

Good content makes your potential customers say “They get me, I want to learn more!” It funnels your website traffic to the right place to solve their problem.

Content is also one of the best ways to drive search traffic to your website and build authority for your business. But the world of content marketing has evolved. It’s no longer enough to publish a blog post to get rankings and traffic.

I combine strategy (the how) with execution (the what) to optimize existing content including website pages, blog posts, lead capture offers, and marketing emails. I stay current on what’s working in content right now for industry leaders and deploy it in campaigns for my customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How does your business show up on the web? How can we increase traffic to your website from the right audience?

You already know how valuable Google is in answering a question, giving directions, or letting you know which service vendors are in your area. I identify the gaps that are limiting you from showing up in search results, then focus your SEO campaign to increase traffic. 

SEO is a long-term play. You can expect to start seeing results in roughly three months, but the investments you make in SEO pay off with increased traffic from the right prospects, long-term.

I help you with:

  • Customer and Keyword Research: Who is your audience? What are the questions they have when it comes to your services?
  • Content Audit: What are the gaps in your content? Where is there room for growth?
  • Analytics and Data Mining: What do your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tell us about your visibility and search traffic?
  • Strategy: How can we increase traffic to your website effectively?
  • Execution: Whether it’s website content or a well-researched blog post, I’ll help you create stellar content to help you gain rankings.

Email marketing

Email is a part of everyday life. In an Adobe survey of over 1,000 U.S. employees, consumers reported checking personal email an average of 2.5 hours on a typical weekday.

That’s about 13 hours a work week that customers spend in their inbox!

The study also found that customers prefer communicating with brands over email than any other communication channel including direct and social media.

Email marketing can help you:

  • Build your brand awareness and increase impressions
  • Create an emotional connection with prospects and leads
  • Upsell current customers that already know and love your brand
  • Win back old customers and recoup lost sales

When a customer signs up for your email, you get a chance to tell your story and convince them why they should choose you over your competition. Unlike social media where your reach is thwarted as your audience grows, the growth and your email marketing potential is not throttled back as your list grows. You can build an email list that generates website traffic and sales for your brand.

When you earn someone’s email and nurture that relationship, you train customers to open your email, go to your website, and buy your service or product.

I’ve built email nurture campaigns for thousands of prospects and leads to get them to buy. I’ve also helped build campaigns that inspire an emotional connection to the brand and business.

Build an email marketing program you and your customers will love.

Training and Workshops

I offer in-person or virtual training to help you learn practical tactics on running integrated content marketing campaigns.