From Zero to Marketing Hero Workshop

Everything you need to know to build a successful marketing campaign for your business in 2020.

On Jan 16, five local marketers at Glensheen led a half-day workshop, teaching local businesses how to build a marketing campaign for your business in 2020.

This bootstrap style workshop walked attendees through everything from strategy to execution, pulled from decades of experiences running marketing campaigns.

Concepts covered included:

  • Essentials to make your business competitive online
  • Strategies for setting a clear goal and feasible budget for your campaign
  • Tactics to help you identify and connect with your prospective customers
  • Elements to help your campaign stand out and catch attention
  • Basics to running your Facebook Ads successfully

As a bonus, attendees left with an exclusive take-home guide packed with actionable tips and information on building campaigns and marketing.

What attendees said

“The energy of the speakers – amazing! I like that everyone seemed comfortable to be themselves and provide the knowledge they know to help our companies.”

“The speakers were fantastic and didn’t talk over my head (not a marketing or communications person by trade). I easily kept up with what they were saying and felt like I left with a great grasp of the concepts they were discussing.”

“I liked that we could get real advice on our projects, and the depth of knowledge shared by the speakers. I love that I have the slides and handouts to look back on as well.”

“I was able to assess where we are at marketing-wise as an organization and prioritize based on all the need areas. I really enjoy how there was an ability for me to do that analysis from the information presented.”

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