In a nutshell, my core strength is tying target audience insights into an SEO-driven content strategy and execution.

I help time-strapped leaders and in-house marketers with SEO content strategy, and content marketing campaigns, and SEO content audits. I also love helping in-house teams build content production workflows or quarterly content planning. I also create SEO content.

Just creating content is not enough.

Good content is essential, but it’s just table stakes at this point. All the work you do before you pull open that blank word doc, and after you publish your post, is just as important (if not more so).

Things like:

  • Audience research
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • SEO strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Content workflows
  • Original research
  • Guest posting
  • Content distribution
  • Email marketing

These tactics are what separate content that nobody reads from content that delivers business results. I’ll help you create more effective content by aligning your goals with the right strategy.

Here’s What I Offer

SEO Content Strategy (How do we get from A to B)

Ideal for businesses looking for a comprehensive SEO content plan.

Content is ⅓ of the equation: Without strategy, good content is like a lovely little hotel on a street that nobody knows exists.

A content strategy is fundamental. Organizations with a clearly defined strategy are more successful. You have to know: Are you creating demand or answering to it? Is your audience well-defined or is it a mish-mash of different individuals with vastly different needs? What value can you provide through your content efforts that aligns with your organization and sets you apart from competitors? What trending topics are in sync with your value proposition and which ones should you sit out on?

What’s included in a content strategy:

Your content strategy will give you a clear picture of where you stand, and a way forward based on what’s working in SEO right now. The plan includes buyer persona and industry analysis, plus SEO opportunities. It will be an actionable task list that you can implement, rather than a 10-page doc that collects dust in your drives.

Think of the frustration you’ll save when you have a clear path forward. Think of the countless hours you’ll save on reading gigantic blog posts that don’t provide answers to your unique situation.

  • Timeline: 2+ months
  • Cost: Starting at $6,000
  • Dependent on the project scope.

SEO Content Marketing Campaign (DIFM)

Ideal for leaders who want to grow web traffic, build authority, and generate leads through content.

A solid content marketing campaign can do amazing things. It can help you attract website visitors, build a relationship with your audience, and convert warm leads into diehard fans. 

What’s included in a content marketing campaign:

I’ll build a strategy and create the pieces to help you grow website traffic, or help you supplement your content creation efforts based on your needs.

To ensure my clients get the most value, I take on a limited number of content marketing campaigns because this takes considerable work and time. What this package entails will be driven by the strategy and the resources you have on hand.

Timeline: 4-month minimum

Cost: Starting at $4,000/mo

SEO Content Audit (Your Low Hanging Fruit Checklist)

Ideal for teams that want an external set of eyes to identify opportunities to optimize their existing content and spot opportunities.

An SEO content audit can you get answers to questions like: How is your website performing currently? What are the terms you rank for right now? How do you stack up against your competitors? What content should you prioritize this quarter? How can you leverage existing content to help you rise in search?

What’s included in a content audit:

Through competitor research, and combing through your Google Search Console and Analytics Reports, I’ll identify your low-hanging fruit.

You’ll get a high-level summary and a task list that you or your team can implement.

  • Timeline: 2 weeks
  • Cost: $2,800

Content Workflow (scale and auto-pilot your content process)

Ideal for in-house digital marketers that want to build a scalable content creation process.

A workflow will help you ship more and better content, build and manage a team of contributors with ease, create a unified goal and vision for your content efforts, and score buy-in at the executive level.

Using this process, I grew a team of creators from 3 to 10. Together we grew traffic to the company blog from 5K to over 100K monthly visitors. All within two years. I used a content workflow process to recruit and empower volunteers and SMEs so we could create the content I knew we were capable of building.

What’s included in a content workflow strategy and implementation:

  • In month 1, I’ll help you build a framework.
  • In month 2, we’ll get you and your team on board.

Then, I will step aside and let you run the show.

  • Timeline: 2 months 
  • Cost: $ 4,500

Quarterly Editorial Content Planning

Ideal for teams that have writing resources available and want guidance on what content to create each quarter.

Based on keyword and topic research, your target audience, your website’s content performance, analytics, and search console reports, I’ll help your team build an editorial calendar. I’ll also create content briefs so your writers know exactly what they need to create. This will help your writers focus on what they do best: creating good content.

What’s included:

  • Editorial plan in MS Excel, Google Sheets, or Notion
  • 4-8 content briefs
  • Timeline: 4-week turnaround
  • Cost: Starting at $4,000

SEO Content Creation/Copy Writing

My ideal content projects are quarterly engagements, allowing me to learn about your organization and create copy that matches your voice and tone. My specialty is in SEO content creation — think blog or website content, and original research.

My work has been published on industry blogs like Moz, Content Marketing Institute, and Medium. If you want to see examples go here.

Daisy Digital Specialties (the nitty-gritty)

Quick confession: I come from a background where I managed everything from SEM (SEO/PPC), email marketing, blog content, marketing automation, and multi-platform campaigns (including video and paid social marketing). I don’t believe in a silver marketing bullet to get you results.

A well-informed SEO content strategy and execution supports a larger digital marketing effort. In other words, I don’t believe in silos. My strategies and campaigns draw from several areas of hands-on experience and digital marketing tactics. When you work with me, you get someone who knows the tactics — and their limitations. Instead of a campaign that looks at your challenge from one realm, I see the full picture. Whether I’m trying to grow your blog traffic or increase your lead pool, here is the expertise I use:

  • Copywriting and optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Customer research
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Getting leadership buy-in
  • Training folks and building a team
  • Tying digital campaigns to ROI
  • Project management

Growing organic traffic is like swimming up Niagara Falls without a life raft. Not only are you competing against competitors in search results, you’re competing against the search engines themselves. Search is how we find information, so showing up when potential customers are looking to make informed buying decisions is the best way to grow your brand.

I chuckle when I hear “non-paid” or “free” traffic because it takes a helluva strategy and tactical execution to grow organic traffic. But here’s the thing: it’s work I really enjoy.

Training and Workshops

I offer in-person or virtual training to help you learn practical tactics on running integrated content marketing campaigns.