Bringing an Email List Back from the Dead

Email marketing is a great channel to nurture leads, improve retention, or upsell existing customers. Unfortunately, sometimes this channel gets forgotten.

Stuff happens, management changes, other projects take priority, and companies can sometimes forget to nurture their email list.

With a little bit of love and creativity, you can breathe new life into a stale list. In one such instance, I was able to turn an email list that hadn’t been touched in over two years into a communication channel.

To resuscitate the list and breathe new life into the email channel, I:

  • Segmented the list based on user persona engagement
  • Leveraged content strategy to re-introduce the brand value and product offering sequentially
  • Used A/B testing and refined subject lines and messaging with each send
  • Built nurtures based on recipient interest and their buyer’s journey

Tactics Used:

  • Content strategy, list segmentation, A/B testing, email nurture


  • 40% open rates and 5% click rates (higher than the industry standard in eCommerce, which is ~10% and 1% respectively)