What I Do

I help wellness startups and game-changers deploy strategic and digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

Let’s build digital campaigns for your wellness company by aligning your big, audacious goals with the target audience and delivering content that incites action.

I’ve built campaigns around boring topics that resonate so deeply, they become tattoo art.

I want to help workplace wellness organizations create a cultural shift that inspires people to be healthier at work.

Read about my tattoo-worthy campaign.

Digital Content Optimization

Improve your existing content and find new ways to raise awareness and attract your target audience. I review existing content — websites, blogs, emails, landing pages, gated content — and identify opportunities to double or triple your content performance. Whether that means getting more organizations to have a sales conversation, or getting your program’s members to achieve their goals — it all starts with delivering great content.

I’ve helped turn lackluster company blogs into communication channels that appeal to our most ardent fans and triple growth from search results.

Marketing Automation Strategy and Execution

Build a seamless experience for your leads or customers. With over five years in building, reshaping, and optimizing marketing automation programs, I can help your team evaluate what you need to do in order to get the most out of your funnels and deploy these strategies for you. 

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