Email Marketing

Customers love email, are you fully leveraging it for your business?

Email is a part of everyday life. In an Adobe survey of over 1,000 white-collar workers in the U.S., consumers reported checking personal email an average of 2.5 hours on a typical weekday.

That’s about 13 hours a work week that customers spend in their inbox!

The study also found that customers prefer communicating with brands over email than any other communication channel including direct and social media.

Email marketing can help you:

  • Build your brand awareness and increase impressions
  • Create an emotional connection with prospects and leads
  • Upsell current customers that already know and love your brand
  • Win back old customers and recoup lost sales

Email engagement rates beat social media

When a customer signs up for your email, you get a chance to tell your story and convince them why they should choose you over your competition. Unlike social media where your reach is thwarted as your audience grows, the growth and potential of your email marketing is not throttled back as your list grows. You can build an email list that generates website traffic and sales for your brand.

When you earn someone’s email and nurture that relationship, you train customers to open your email, go to your website, and buy your service or product.

Build an email marketing program you and your customers will love.

I’ve built email nurture campaigns for thousands of prospects and leads to get them to buy. I’ve also helped build campaigns that inspire an emotional connection to the brand and business.

Curious what potential opportunities there are in your list? Get in touch.